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Makerspaces Mackay, Inc. (MSMKY) is a place for like-minded people who share similar interests; usually in areas such as computing, electronics, science or art. We are a diverse group who operate open-community workshops in the Mackay, QLD region. 

Visit us at our public open days

Drop in and talk to our members, see what projects we are working on, check out our laser cutter, CNC gear and electronics setup. Discuss your creative ideas and projects and how we might be able to guide you to realise them. We have experience in 3D printing, electronics, soldering, CNC, laser cutting, programming and so much more. Welcome to drop in any time, no initial costs

Public meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (1pm to 5pm) and Tuesday afternoons (4:30pm to 6:30pm) at

Building 4 (CQU City Campus)
Level 2 (Hosted by Split Spaces)
92 Sydney St
Mackay QLD 4740

Support our community organisation

Makerspaces Mackay, Inc. is a not for profit organisation. It is run by a dedicated unpaid committee of volunteers, Donating to MSMKY is a way of giving back to the community; we operate almost 100% on public support. Cash donations are especially welcome. They go towards things such as operational costs, organisational fees and consumable materials. We are proud of our Sponsors and Supporters and are very grateful for the support they have provided us.

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