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Makerspaces Mackay (MSMKY) is a place for like-minded people who share similar interests; usually in areas such as computing, electronics, science or art. We are a diverse group who operate open-community workshops in the Mackay, QLD region. Meetings are currently held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the CQUniversity Engineering building.

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Why support MSMKY?

Makerspaces Mackay is a non for profit organisation. Donating to MSMKY is a way of giving back to the community; we operate almost 100% on public support. Cash donations are especially welcome. They go towards things such as operational costs, organisational fees and consumable materials.

Got any trash?

We love all sorts of donations, but especially things like:

  • Old workshop equipment of any kind
  • Electronic equipment
  • Motorised equipment (old remote control toys are good)
  • Your time!

    We need a shed!

    At them moment, we can't accept too many donations, because we simply don't have anywhere to keep them. We are looking for a more permanent share-space. We currently operate from the CQUniversity Engineering building - but that cannot be forever. We are looking for someone to share a space with MSMKY so that we can can finally call somewhere home!

  • Care to share?

    If you can help us out in any way, please let us know your details and we will certainly be in touch with you!


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    Thank you very much for you help and consideration.

    MSMKY Membership

    Our members, are Makers!

    We are always looking for more Makers! If you're a tinkerer or just have an interest in making stuff, why not come along to one of our workshops? Register as a member on this site and stay in contact with the group.

    Members who pledge the membership fee gain huge benefits. some key features include:

  • Access to MSMKY facilities
  • Access and use of MSMKY tools and equipment
  • Deductions on other fees (T-shirts, event access etc.)
  • Full access to the online Makerspace Member's Portal
  • Ability to vote in meetings
  • So much more!
  • All members must strictly adhere to the Makerspace Mackay rules, and more details can be found here.

    Sign up!

    Note: Registering here is the first step. Membership is only granted to those who pledge the membership fee.

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